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Zel carves her own Independence

Zel’s story is one filled with triumph, setbacks and overcoming hurdles. This has lead Zel to be where she is today – a highly educated entrepreneur and disability advocate. Zel has also been blind since birth. This is her story…

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VisAbility gave me a light. I could finally see a light after disability.
I could get up in the morning again.

EDWINA (Client)

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Victoria Park Council considers Access first

On Wednesday 18 January, VisAbility and the Town of Victoria Park celebrated the handover of the new accessible copies of their Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) 2017-2022. The handover provided the time to reflect on the newly adopted DAIP and the positive impact it will have on future community equity and access. VisAbility team…

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Insider Scoop on New Stadium Station

On Tuesday 16 January, a week out from the Official Community Open Day, VisAbility team members and clients were given the inside scoop on the new Perth Stadium Station. The Public Transport Authority organized a familiarization tour of the station for those individuals living with disability, so come the opening of the Stadium, all guests…

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Personal Safety with Michael Pereira

Personal safety is vital, but it’s not always so easy to ensure. To maintain your independence, it’s important to prepare yourself to handle whatever may come your way. Michael Pereira, our Community Activity Centre Coordinator, knows that confidence and planning can go a long way to avoiding potentially dangerous situations. For over 10 years, Michael…

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Chocolate & the NDIS: Why informed choices matter

Written by Seb Della Maddalena, Manager, Therapy and Support Services. “If you didn’t know that too much chocolate wasn’t good for you, how much and what type of chocolate would you eat? White chocolate? Dark chocolate? Any chocolate? You could say some people make an ‘informed choice’ to transition to dark chocolate, in an effort to…

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