Containers for Change creates new jobs

A bottle and plastics recycling scheme is rewarding people with cash when they hand in their empties, as well as creating jobs.

The initiative called Containers for Change (link opens in new window) has rolled out across WA. There are 200 depot facilities taking part, all of which are creating new jobs.

Matthew sifting through cans on a conveyor belt. A colleague stands next to him. Both are wearing hi-vis outfits.

People can return empty containers to official points and claim back 10 cents for each one. They can also take them to donation points run by local community groups and not-for-profits. These groups will then claim the refund on their behalf.

New jobs for WA

CoAct VisAbility’s Disability Employment Services has been providing staff for projects at the City of Stirling and Down Under Recycling in Armadale. The WA State Government wants 40% of the jobs to be filled by people with a disability, long-term unemployed or who have an Indigenous background.





We’ve recently placed 27-year-old Matthew, who is vision impaired, into his first job at Down Under Recycling. You can find out more about his role in this video below:

Matthew’s first day at his first job from VisAbility on Vimeo.

Recruitment Partner Qonrad Gomez has worked closely with the governing body WA Return, Recycle and Renew Ltd (WARRL) ensuring CoAct VisAbility is a preferred provider. Qonrad has placed multiple job seekers into various positions. These include customer service roles, sorting and counting and the handling of refund payments.

“We’re placing a lot of clients who have low vision and other disabilities into these new positions. They’re excelling in their new roles and enjoying meeting new people,” explains Qonrad.

“There has been so much community involvement in this project. We’ve witnessed people coming together to create employment opportunities in an initiative which I believe will keep on growing.”

If you know someone who may be seeking work, then take a look at our Employment program and get in touch with the team today.

Recycling for sustainability

As well as improving recycling, the initiative also aims to:

  • Reduce litter and cut plastics in landfill
  • Provide opportunities for social enterprise and benefits for community organisations
  • Create more employment
  • Complement existing collection and recycling activities for recyclable waste.

Containers for Change also provides an exciting fundraising opportunity for schools, local sports clubs, community groups, charities and worthwhile causes.

People in WA use about 1.3 billion drink containers every year, so that’s a staggering 3.5 million a day. These containers make up 41% of all litter in Western Australia.

The next time you finish a plastic bottle, remember that every item you recycle at a Containers for Change depot counts towards improving communities and the environment.