Biennial Awards

VisAbility Awards recognises and celebrates the achievements of people who are vision impaired. As well as highlighting organisations that support people living with a vision impairment.

These people have demonstrated excellence, innovation and resilience as members of the vision impaired Western Australian community. The organisations have gone above and beyond to make their environment an inclusive place for people with low and no vision to participate in.

The VisAbility Awards have been made possible by:

Angus Stewart

Angus Stewart was a much-loved, dedicated teacher in the field of special needs in WA. Upon his retirement, Angus volunteered his skills at the Association for the Blind WA – ABWA (now VisAbility) to teach adult students Braille and typing. Angus was a proud promoter of education in the low-vision community and left a generous gift in his will for ABWA.

Fred and Lorna Craggs
Fred and Lorna were long-time supporters and donors for the ABWA. Fred and Lorna left a gift in their will to be used to support the goals of young people with vision impairment. Enabling people with low or no vision to undertake programs and studies that assist them to excel in their fields.

Ida Lloyd
Ida Lloyd was a Life Member of the ABWA. Ida dedicated over 47 years, alongside Elsie Mead – handler of the first Guide Dog trained in WA – to the Ladies Auxiliary, raising vital funds for Guide Dog training. Ida was one of the main fundraisers for the association and left a gift in her will towards the training of Guide Dog Lloyd as well as funding the inclusion fellowship award.

VisAbility WA
VisAbility WA provides supports, services and resources to help people living with vision impairment across Western Australia, to live the life they want, with confidence. VisAbility supports West Australian’s living with vision impairment to achieve their goals and celebrate their achievements.


The awards are open to Western Australian:

  • People living with or low or no vision
  • People who care for or support people with vision impairment
  • Organisations and businesses who provide venues, products or services to people with vision impairment.

Closing date

Nominations closed Friday 31 March 2023. Winners will be announced at the VisAbility Awards Night on Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) Thursday 18 May 2023.

Award Categories

Angus Stewart Awards for Personal Achievement

This award is presented to an individual living with vision impairment who has strived to overcome hardship either financial, personal or physical to achieve their academic and social goals. Sponsored by Angus Stewart since 1975.

1. Junior (ages 11-18)

Recognises academic and social achievements of secondary school students who are blind or vision impaired. Students may receive the award more than once.

Award: $200 winner –  $50 runner up

2. Post-secondary (ages 17-30)

Recognises people currently participating in full-time or part-time post-secondary (TAFE, training college, University, etc.) education. This award celebrates high achievement in their studies or innovation in a given field. Students may receive the award more than once.

Award: $400 winner –  $100 runner up

3. Open (all ages)

Recognises outstanding personal achievement and significant contribution to the wider community. A person may receive the award once only.

Award: $750 winner –  $250 runner up

Fred and Lorna Craggs Award for Excellence

This award recognises Western Australians under 30 years, who are vision impaired, and have demonstrated excellence in a chosen field. The awards celebrate their artistic, sporting or community achievements and facilitate their future success. The prize could be used to fund additional education, training, coaching or travel. Fred and Lorna Craggs have made this award possible since 2004.

Metropolitan awards are open to people living with low or no vision who reside in the Perth Metropolitan region, under the age of 30.

Regional awards are open to people living with low or no vision who reside in regional Western Australia, under the age of 30.

Awards for each location: $750 winner –  $250 runner up

Ida Lloyd Fellowship Award for Inclusion

Presented to young people under 30 with low or no vision to facilitate their social and independent living skills. This award assists their positive inclusion and participation in their community. Funding can be used for products, services and activities which promote the objectives of this Fellowship.

This could include course fees, camp fees or specific equipment and technology relating to enhanced independence. The awards are open to vision impaired young people under the age of 30. Ida Lloyd has sponsored this award since 2006.

Award: $750 winner – $250 runner up

VisAbility Awards for Community Empowerment

These awards celebrate people and businesses in the community who share VisAbility’s goal of promoting independence and opportunity for people living with low or no vision. We encourage members of the public to nominate the person or organisation they believe goes above and beyond to provide outstanding accessibility for people with vision impairment.

Excellence in the workplace

Awarded to a person who works alongside people with vision impairment, enabling people with low or no vision to overcome barriers, develop skills and achieve their goals in their chosen field. Professions could include, but are not limited to: teachers, support workers, coaches, therapy providers, fellow colleagues, etc.

Family leader

Awarded to a parent or family member who has created opportunities for people with vision impairment, their families or their support network. This person has made a significant contribution to the wellbeing of other families in the low vision community. They have promoted independence through the provision of mentorship and peer support.

Community commitment

Awarded to an organisation, company, venue, or workplace that has embraced accessibility by considering the needs of people with vision impairment in their everyday business activity. This organisation goes above and beyond to ensure that people with vision impairment have equal access.

Make a nomination

Nominations have now closed for 2023. Nominees will be contacted shortly and winners announced at the Awards Ceremony on Thursday 18 May 2023.