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Addressing fashion, style and make-up with vision loss

in Be Empowered, Latest News, Our Team's Vision

Do you have your own personal style? It was a question asked to our vision impaired clients who attended our ‘Look Good, Feel Confident’ series of workshops. The group program consisted of three sessions, developed and facilitated by one of our qualified occupational therapists, Rebecca Comber-Short. Aspects covered included wardrobe management, make-up and grooming, and…

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‘Befriend’ a stranger – initiative embraces social connections

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The rise of the digital age means we are less socially connected than ever before. Being socially connected is about building personal relationships with others, the bonds we forge and the rapports we establish. We know there are many benefits if we have strong connections including better physical and mental health. The beginnings of Befriend…

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Development brings accessible homes to Perth

in Be Empowered, Latest News

Does Australia have enough homes built with accessibility at the forefront of design? Sadly, it seems not. Latest figures by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that 36% of households contain a person with a disability. However, there’s only a few specially-built homes which are accessible to all. That’s why it’s always refreshing to learn…

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The future of sound and video is 360 Immersive

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It’s a new technology which has so much potential – 360 video and audio. It adds an extra dimension and can captivate an audience. For those with a disability it opens-up opportunities, making the impossible possible. VisAbility was invited to demonstrate its potential at the National Disability Scheme (NDS) WA State Conference with a presentation…

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