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Accessible Information Services

Our Accessible Information Services and Library Services provide a range of options for alternative materials. We can provide you with materials in Braille, audio, large print, tactical graphics, e-text and Daisy readers.

Print Disability Services Program

VisAbility is one of two service providers included in the Federal Government’s Print Disability Services Program for 2018-2021.

In the new program, the Federal Government is providing funding to produce alternative formats of printed and digital material, to meet the needs of people living with a print disability.

This program sees the strengthening of VisAbility’s vision of independence for people living with disability, and more specifically, the improvement of access to printed products for all Australians.

VisAbility’s Accessible Information Services and Library Services currently provide a range of options for alternative materials. The funding will be used to support the growth and development of these services, ensuring the continued production and conversion of materials into Braille, large print, tactical graphics and e-text as well as audio files and DAISY readers.

Do you think you may benefit from our Accessible Information Services? You can get in touch with our friendly team members through or by calling 1800 467 477.

Braille Courses

Braille is a written language that uses a combination of six dots. We offer Braille classes each week on Mondays and Tuesdays, where you can learn Braille, improve your Braille skills or join a reading group.

Our Braille for the Sighted course is for people who have family members or friends with a vision impairment; employees who provide services to people with a vision impairment; education assistants and people who want to become volunteer Braille transcribers.

For further information call the Assistive Technology Team on 1800 847 466.

Resource Packages

Training package resources for Microsoft Office 2010 are available for individual purchase. Each training package consists of a comprehensive manual and associated documents. These resources are also available for Microsoft Office 2007.

Sample Packages – Beginner’s Level

Sample Packages – Advanced Level

Want to purchase a Resource Package?

Contact us to speak to a friendly Gateway Service Coordinator today.