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Just as every person has different skills and attributes, so do the puppies that enter Guide Dog training. By providing therapy and companion dogs, our Guide Dog services reach and make a profoundly positive impact on more people in the community.

Therapy and companion dogs have undergone a minimum of 12 months socialisation in our Puppy Raising Program and are well trained with good obedience and social skills. Additional specialised training ensures that each dog meets its client’s needs.

Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs are trained to provide affection and comfort to children, at-risk-youth, adults and seniors in a wide variety of formal and informal therapeutic settings. Each therapy dog acts as a bridge between the person and the rest of the world. Research demonstrates that therapy dogs reduce stress levels and increase daily successes for children in school and therapeutic contexts.

Companion Dogs

Children with Special Needs

Children with vision impairment respond strongly to the soothing presence of a companion dog. The dog is someone they can trust, a special friend and guardian, helping them overcome the difficulties they face. A dog can ease frustration and anxiety by providing a calming sensory input for children with sensory integration issues. They also provide companionship, friendship, fun and inclusion.

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