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The Acquired Brain Injury Vision Service is the first dedicated acquired brain injury visual assessment and rehabilitation facility in Western Australia.

Our team of qualified Therapists can:

  • Assess your functional vision
  • Assess your level of mobility
  • Devise and implement a tailored training program
  • Help you with activity based rehabilitation
  • Provide retraining in visual skills
  • Recommend aids and equipment to assist in your rehabilitation
  • Liaise with GPs, neurologists and other allied health professionals

All programs are individually tailored to address your goals, mobility needs and the impact of your acquired brain injury.

What is Acquired Brain Injury?

Acquired Brain Injury is any type of brain damage that occurs after birth. Brain damage can be caused by stroke, infection, tumour, trauma or substance abuse. Approximately 160,000 Australians of all ages are living with some form of acquired brain injury. More than half experience problems with their vision.

Unlike ocular vision impairment, which is caused by disease or injury to the eye itself, vision loss resulting from brain injury affects the visual messages that are interpreted by the brain. If you have vision loss as a result of acquired brain injury you may experience:

  • Loss of part of the visual field
  • Impaired visual memory
  • Difficulty with visual processing
  • Difficulty with spatial visual judgements
  • Double vision
  • Blurry vision
  • Eyestrain
  • Discomfort when reading
  • Dry eye

These symptoms can limit your confidence and independence, as well as your ability to recover from a brain injury


Referrals are welcomed from individuals, family members and health professionals (allied health, GPs and neurologists).

To complete a referral, please download the Acquired Brain Injury Vision Services Referral Form [pdf, 572kb] and take it to an allied health professional, GP or neurologist.

If you have visited an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist, please attach a copy of your Low Vision Medical Certificate (Adult) [pdf, 363kb] to the referral form.

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