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Occupational Therapists provide support and training in daily living skills ranging from household management to personal care.

They can enable you to complete tasks more easily in all parts of your life at home, work and in the community such as:

  • Cooking
  • Using technology to work or play
  • Travelling wherever you want to go
  • Being out and about
  • Forming friendships and meeting people

Through this service you can:

  • Receive support and training in daily living skills
  • Have your home environment and workplace assessed
  • Receive advice, training and support on assistive technology equipment and aids
  • View demonstrations on a range of daily living aids and appliances (including large print and talking equipment)
  • Attend groups to learn independence skills.

In 2012 I decided I needed to learn skills at home to be less dependent on my family. An Occupational Therapist from VisAbility came to my home and taught me skills in the kitchen that made me independent in cooking my own meals. I even learnt how to bake a cake!


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