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How you can make a difference

Imagine the world is at your fingertips. But you can’t reach it, because you can’t see it, hear it or touch it. Unable to access the world around you, you stay silent and still. Alone. Disconnected. Isolated.

Man sitting alone
Image of man sitting alone with back to camera.

For people with vision impairment who don’t have the support to reach out into the community, this is a reality faced every day. And this is where you can make a difference.

Donate today and you’ll empower Australians with vision impairment with the tools to transform their lives.

Your donation will support one of five key areas at VisAbility:

Innovation and Growth

Innovation is vital in empowering people to reach their goals. At VisAbility, innovation is at the forefront of our approach: in pushing boundaries, breaking down barriers and finding new ways to improve people’s lives.

It was through funding for innovation that the ground-breaking Remote Orientation and Mobility (ROAM) Program, now a winner of the HESTA Community Services Award of Excellence, was conceived.

Donate now to help explore uncharted territory and achieve the unexpected.

Image of a client having the ROAM video camera harness around his chest by a VisAbility O&M specialist wearing a headset.
Image of a client, having the ROAM video camera harness around his chest by a VisAbility O&M specialist wearing a headset.

Creating Connections

If there’s one thing we hear from our clients every day, it’s that relationships matter.

We’re focused on creating opportunities for people with vision impairment and other disabilities to connect with others, through peer networking, social outings, client days and community engagements.

This includes opportunities specifically for young people to build friendships, resilience and vital skills to transition to school, study or work.

Social isolation can be one of the biggest barriers to break down, yet programs for social connection often sit outside tradition funding models.

Donate now to create opportunities, and foster friendship, confidence and fulfilment.

Image of three men and one woman with canes leans against a blue wall
Image of three men and one woman with canes leans against a blue wall.

Resources and Equipment

Advances in technology mean that new resources and equipment are constantly becoming available. And what a wonderful thing that is. Having access to the latest technological innovations helps deliver the highest level of service.

Whether it’s new apps, new aids to daily living or the latest piece of eye-testing equipment. Each advancement pushes us to be better: to be more effective; to produce a better outcome for a person with a vision impairment.

Donate now to help fund the technologies and equipment that make the biggest impact for our clients.

Occupational Therapist showing a client assistive technology
Image of Occupational Therapist showing a client assistive technology.

Library and Talking Books

VisAbility’s library service has fostered the sharing of stories for more than 40 years. Our talking book library provides a respite; a friendly voice; the ability to journey to new lands and start new adventures, through talking books available via download or post.

This vital service is only partially funded by government. We need your support to produce and distribute talking books, as well as Braille and audio production.

Donate now to support talking books and share the wonderful power of storytelling.

A woman is wearing headphones and listening to a talking book.
Image of a woman listening to a talking book.

People and Expertise

At VisAbility, our people are our foundation. With expertise stretching across a range of allied health fields, leadership and specialist services, we draw on a vast and powerful bank of knowledge to provide our life-changing services.

By investing in attracting, retaining and developing staff through training programs, new practices and learning from other highly qualified professionals, VisAbility can deliver the best possible outcomes for people with vision impairment. We’re committed to being the best we can be – and you can help make it happen.

Donate now to foster training, education and growth for VisAbility’s dedicated professionals.

Family sitting in a sandpit with a child with vision impairment and VisAbility therapist
Image of family with a child with vision impairment and VisAbility therapist.

At VisAbility, we believe everyone has the right to live the life they choose.

We have a vision for independence. We want to see a world where everyone can live the life they choose.

Donate today and empower people living with disability