Accessibility success as sweet as honey

Image of the Bee Firm NRG bottle with the braille packagingEarlier this year, VisAbility’s braille transcription department was approached by local business Bee Firm NRG (link opens in new window) who has recently launched a natural, honey-based energy drink.

Michael Borowiec (Bee Firm NRG’s brand development manager) spoke to our team member Leone about the proofing the first run of braille, to be included on the bottles labels.

Over two trials, Leone provided feedback on the labels including their orientation and placement of the braille, and ensuring the braille met the Australian Braille Authority (link opens in new window)’s physical specifications.

After this, our Youth Support Officer Ryan who is totally blind and can read braille, confirmed the braille and readability of the dots before passing it onto our client, Jayde who once again put it through quality checks – before giving it the all clear!

Bee Firm NRG refers to themselves as a ‘company with a conscience’ and it’s believed their drinks are the first of their kind to include braille in WA. We think it’s a great step in the right direction for food and beverage industry!

“It would be great to see more companies following Mike’s lead in facilitating access to more independent purchase of products by people who are blind or who have a vision impairment.” – Leone Carroll, Braille Production Dept.

VisAbility team member Leone, with the Bee Firm NRG bottles with braille“I hope that the braille labels will increase awareness of the public to the needs of people who are blind and realise what we take for granted when we go shopping.”

In the future, Bee Firm NRG hopes to produce labels for supplier’s shelves, so vision impaired or blind people can easily find their product.

“It was exciting to hear about Mike’s initiative to facilitate access to a specific product. I felt proud to see his relief when he found us, as a local organisation, which could assist with the final production stages of the braille labels.”

Well done Bee Firm NRG – Cheers!

Did you know? VisAbility’s braille department has produced braille for art exhibitions, textbooks, CD covers, menus and more. If you’re interested in how you or your business could better incorporate braille don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team on or 1800 847 466