Introducing EverAbility – the new parent name for VisAbility Ltd

VisAbility Limited has a long history of providing, practical, emotional and peer support services to people in Western Australia with low or no vision. Established more than a century ago, we’re proud of who we are and what we’ve achieved so far.

Over the past twelve months we’ve added more services to the VisAbility family, Guide Dogs WA (link opens in new window) and Guide Dogs Tasmania (link opens in new window). These include our successful children’s therapy service, Kites Children’s Therapy (link opens in new window), along with Perron Place (link opens in new window).

Woman sits on sofa in lounge listening to a talking book. She has headphones on her head. VisAbility will have a new parent name of EverAbility
EverAbility is the new parent name for VisAbility

These additional services led us to review our entity structure. We examined our vision, our values, and the way we interact with the community. We decided to introduce a new parent name.

EverAbility Group – inclusion and independence for all

The name we chose was EverAbility Group to reflect what we do across all of our services.

EverAbility Group Limited is the parent brand that operates VisAbility, Guide Dogs WA, Guide Dogs Tasmania, Kites Children’s Therapy and Perron Place.

It simplifies and streamlines our organisation in order to avoid confusion between VisAbility, our vision service, and VisAbility Ltd, the previous name of our parent organisation.

We all have the right to live the life we want and to pursue our goals and dreams. At EverAbility Group, we provide the services, support and spaces, so people can lead a rewarding, independent life.

You can find more about our new name, philosophy and our new approach by visiting the EverAbility Group website (link opens in new window).

Your questions answered

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), so you can learn more about this change.

What is the parent brand and why do we need one?

To avoid confusion between VisAbility, the vision service, and VisAbility Ltd, the parent organisation, we have developed a new parent brand EverAbility Group. It incorporates our five brands.

  • VisAbility
  • Guide Dogs WA
  • Guide Dogs Tasmania
  • Kites Children’s Therapy
  • Perron Place

How can I find out more about EverAbility?

The parent brand has its own website at (link opens in new window). The parent brand is useful in the way we run our organisation. It’s mostly relevant to high-level stakeholders such as the Board, government, funding bodies, corporate partners and major donors.

How will it affect me as a client?

You won’t notice much of a difference. Clients will continue to receive services from each of the current brands as per normal. This change won’t impact any signage around our buildings. You’ll still receive a warm welcome from customer service staff at the VisAbility entrance.

If you have any more questions about EverAbility Group, you can contact us directly.