It’s a work of art – our new crafting classes

Nothing beats an old fashioned home-made card. E-greetings may have become the norm in our technologically-fuelled world, but a hand made card is extra special.

A card which has been created by yourself is far more unique and personal than buying one in a shop. Our customer services officer, Val Ford is very experienced at arts, crafting and card-making.

I have five children so life is busy, but scrap-booking and crafting is my enjoyment therapy. I can sit quietly and create something for posterity.

Val Ford
Arts and crafts instructor

Image shows group participants creating their own cards under the direction of Val, the course leader.Val was keen to share her skills with others and is running workshops for people living with low vision or blindness, incorporating both card-making and scrap-booking.

“I have created scrap-books for each of my children for their 21st birthdays. They were amazed that they were filled with memories and cards from over the years.”

Nurturing creativity

Val arrives with a shopping trolley full of materials at the workshops held at VisAbility’s Community Activity Centre.

“I encourage the class to experiment with different textures. I have a card embossing machine and have used old braille paper – that was fun as you could recognise words.”

“They enjoy sponge painting and gluing tactile materials such as wood chippings, pasta, string, popping corn, bubble wrap and egg shells,” she explains,” she explains.

The clients enjoy the variety this class has to offer. Aged from twenty-one through to eighty-nine, there’s something for everyone.

If my four-year-old great grandson could see me now, crushing these eggshells, he’d want to get involved too. It’s like being in kindergarten.

Judy Clear, participant

Image shows Keith Ryniker holding up some of the creative cards which he has made Stories behind the crafts

The card making has a special meaning for 44-year-old Keith Ryniker.

” I made my first card last week and sent it with a very personalised message to my mum. I damaged my optic nerve in a motorbike accident and she has been my rock,” explains Keith.

“ Because it’s handcrafted its extra special, she has done a lot for me” he adds.

Rosemary Broun, who’s 89 has already mastered knitting and woodwork and can now add card-making to her capabilities.

“ I feel very accomplished making this one, it is very satisfying” she explains.

These workshops provoke a real sense of “can-do”. While each card and scrap-book is lovingly created, it’s also sure to go on to be deeply treasured.

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