Keen explorers to set sail on the Leeuwin

Image of the Leeuwin on the open oceanEight adventurous youths with vision impairment from our Children and Youth Services are preparing to embark on a week-long Leeuwin Ocean Adventure voyage thanks to the support of Telethon (link opens in new window) and the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation (link opens in new window).

The youths will undertake a seven-day Youth Explorer voyage on the STS Leeuwin, a unique three-masted 1850’s barquentine, from 16 – 22 December, departing and returning to Fremantle.

Participants will develop their leadership skills, self-confidence and personal belief; to know that they can do anything, achieve anything, be anything.

During the voyage, they’ll take part of a range of hands-on activities to run the ship, including navigating and taking the helm, setting a furling the sails, climbing the masts and working aloft and standing watch while sailing through the night.

They will be given an insight to “what they see when at sea” through an audio-visual recording of their experiences during the voyage.

“This is a chance for eight youths with vision impairment to experience square-rigged sailing. It will be a week-long experience like no other,” said Ryan Honschooten, VisAbility Youth Support Officer.

“They’ll be surrounded by active friends, build their work-ready skills, add to their resumes and test their personal limits in a safe and supportive environment,” Ryan said.

Karin with Ann Boulter at the VisAbility awards

Hear from our 10 explorers:

VisAbility asked the 8 lucky Youth Explorers who secured a place on the trip, why the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure was important to them:

Emily-Rose said, “The adventure will give me lots of self-confidence and help unlock my full potential!”

Karin said, “It would be a great opportunity to learn about navigation and sailing teamwork as part of a crew.”

Michael said, “I will give 100%. It is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, to pass up the Leeuwin adventure would be an ill-thought decision.”

Tabitha said, “It will give me the opportunity to share something I love doing – sailing – with nine other young vision impaired people.”

Tayla said, “It would teach me new skills, be exciting, a great experience and hopefully help me get over my fear of the ocean.”

Wayde said, “I want to learn new things, and do difficult things and I will tackle any challenge.”

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