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Meet Jaimi, our Mandurah-Rockingham OT

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Welcome back to our collection of Stories of Independence. Guest writers are invited to share their own personal experiences, or express their views on the world around them. Below, Jaimi Andrews recalls her experience of being an Occupational Therapist in the Mandurah-Rockingham region. Being one of VisAbility’s NDIS team members has been enjoyable for Jaimi, who loves engaging with her clients out in the communities. We caught up with Jaimi to hear all about the life-changing work she does. This is her story.

Image of Jaimi Andrews, VisAbility’s Rockingham-Mandurah NDIS team member

Hi Jaimi! So tell us, what do you do here at VisAbility?

Hello! I work full time at VisAbility however I have two roles. Two days a week is my Occupational Therapy role in the Mandurah/Rockingham region where I complete home visits to adults with vision impairment and provide support and strategies, and make recommendations on suitable assistive technology for the client to assist with independence in day to day tasks. The other three days of the week, I work with the VisAbility NDIS team assisting clients transitioning onto plans with VisAbility and providing general information to clients that are new to the NDIS.

Wow that sounds busy! What do you love most about your job?

I love going out into the community and visiting people’s home and getting to know them. Even if I just provide a client with one piece of assistive technology, it can make such a significant difference to their life which is great to see. I have also lived in Mandurah for most of my life so it good to share this connection with the client’s I see.

Yes, I can see why you’d love it. What is your favourite memory from your time at VisAbility so far?

It’s pretty hard to pinpoint one! In general, my favourite memory is the rewarding experience I have with so many clients, they are very appreciative and grateful for the service I provide and at the end of the day, it is great to go home with this. I have also shared many laughs and good times with my VisAbility colleagues so it’s great to be a part of such a supportive environment.

Jaimi, when you are not at VisAbility what do you like to spend time doing?

I am a pretty active person so I go the gym a lot, take my new puppy for a walk down to the beach. As the summer months roll in I spend a lot of time around water, especially with the Tournament Waterskiing I am involved with.

[Editors Note: Did you know Jaimi was a National Water skiing champion? Read all about it here.]

With the new rollout, how have you seen the NDIS benefit clients?

The NDIS plans are very individualised to the client’s needs and it really focuses on the specific goals they would like to achieve within the next 12 months. I feel setting goals really provides the client’s with a sense of purpose, clear direction and motivation to work towards independence. I also feel the client’s will have further access to funding for assistive technology as long as it is suited to their needs.

Image of one of the many sights around Mandurah; the foreshore

Given your role as an Occupational Therapist, do you have any advice to clients transitioning to the NDIS?
If you are wanting a particular service provider involved with your NDIS plan, make sure you speak with them so they can provide you with the appropriate information you can give to your NDIS planner. It’s also important for you to do your research about the NDIS so you have a good understanding about what the NDIS can offer you. Visit the NDIS websites, attend the free information sessions within your area, or speak with your planner and service provider.


Thanks for chatting Jaimi!

VisAbility has a dedicated NDIS Team who are able to support you with identifying services and supports to enable you to achieve your goals. Please call us on 1800 847 466 or email to discuss how you can benefit from our life-changing services. Follow the link here to our Choose Your Service tab, which will provide you with information on the range of services that VisAbility has to offer.