Meet our 10 brave explorers

Image of the STS Leeuwin at sea, courtesy of Sailleeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation.Earlier this year we called for some brave, adventurous youths in our Children and Youth Services to head out to sea on the STS Leeuwin, a unique three-masted 1850’s barquentine. Thanks to Telethon (link opens in new window), VisAbility was able to offer 10 keen explorers over the age of 14 to undertake a 7-day Youth Explorer Voyage.

As Ryan (our resident sailor and Youth Support Officer) said, “this is your chance to experience square-rigging as I did for the first three months this year, during my sail around Cape Horn!”

Our team was very impressed with the calibre of applications, and enjoyed reviewing the application videos that were sent in. We asked the 10 lucky Youth Explorers who secured a place on the trip, why the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure was important to them:

  • Brianna said, “Going on the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure is important to me because it’s a new experience that places me out of my comfort zone.”
  • Caitlin said, “I want to experience a new type of travel, and I enjoy meeting new people!”
  • Emily-Rose said, “The adventure will give me lots of self-confidence and help unlock my full potential!”
  • Karin said, “It would be a great opportunity to learn about navigation and sailing teamwork as part of a crew.”
  • Michael said, “I will give 100%. It is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, to pass up the Leeuwin adventure would be an ill-thought decision.”
  • Tabitha said, “It will give me the opportunity to share something I love doing – sailing – with nine other young vision impaired people.”
  • Tayla said, “It would teach me new skills, be exciting, a great experience and hopefully help me get over my fear of the ocean.”
  • Tegan said, “This opportunity will allow me to improve my independence, meet new people and step outside of my comfort zone“
  • Wayde said, “I want to learn new things, and do difficult things and I will tackle any challenge.”

What fantastic messages, we send hearty congratulations to these lucky explorers!

Make sure to stay tuned for more updates on this exciting adventure as it takes place in December.