Multiple awards for musician who lost his sight

Jeremy Harry Harris always wanted to be a musician. However, when he was younger his parents said he needed a job with prospects. He joined the army, but at 21-years-old, he had an accident during a parachute jump.

My parachute failed to open correctly during a 330 metre descent. I fell to the ground too fast, hit my head and damaged my eye. Then followed two and a half years of rehabilitation.

Jeremy Harry Harris – Singer
The accident meant Jeremy lost his sight in his right eye. Rather than dwell on what he’d lost, Jeremy threw his energy into something else – returning to his first love of music and singing.


Image shows Jeremy on stage in front of microphone with arms outstretched
Jeremy lost some of his sight in a parachute accident

Music video goes global

Fast forward twenty-two years and Jeremy is now an accomplished musician and singer, touring America and South America several times over. Now at the age of 44 he’s an award winner, several times over. He’s the proud recipient of numerous film festival awards for his music video ‘Shout Down the Silence.’

Jeremy on stage with microphone with bass guitarist standing alongside
Jeremy has toured globally 

“You could say music became my therapy. My instrument of choice is the guitar and drums but in recent years I’ve moved across to singing,” he explains.

Jeremy’s first band ‘Stone Circle’ was very popular in Cuba and gathered a huge following there. He also formed an INXS tribute band called ‘New Sensation’ touring throughout Australia. While he never met Michael Hutchence he has been lucky enough to meet and perform for Bob Geldof.

A self confessed showman, Jeremy says he loves being a lead vocalist.

I see myself as Freddie Mercury, as I like to captivate the audience. Live performance is unique, and provides such an adrenaline buzz.

Jeremy Harry Harris – Singer

Track filmed by the (railway) tracks

And captivate he does. His latest video ‘Shout down the Silence’ has led to several accolades. It was named the Best Music Video Award at the Tagore International Film Festival in Bengal.

Since securing that award in August, he’s also won the best Music Award Category at the Cult Critic Movie Awards, Druk International Film Festival and Virgin Spring International Film Festival. 

The music video shot at the old Midland Railway Station features none other than VisAbility’s Youth Support Officer Ryan Honschooten and film producer Peter Renzullo. Jeremy included, all three have no or low vision.

“On set we called ourselves the ‘Three Blind Mice’ and while I’m aware of our disabilities, no one else was. There’s a scene in the video where Ryan, who’s holding a placard, is knocked over by the lead actor. He’s running away from the police,” Jeremy explains.
Big crowd of people holding banners . Ryan is in the front. You can see the back of a cameraman, holding his video camera.
Ryan was in the front of the scene which features protestors

“The main actor didn’t realise Ryan couldn’t see. Ryan himself was unaware he was in the direct line of being struck. It is a very authentic scene.”

Peter owns Scudley Records where Jeremy recorded his latest album. ‘Kings of Time’. He’d met Ryan though the local Gosnells radio station Heritage FM.

‘Shout Down the Silence’, is a song for current times as Jeremy is keen to explain.

“It’s about being disconnected and is apt after all we’ve been through with COVID-19. It’s not a political song. We’re all online and digitally intune with each other, but we are a nation which isn’t connecting to each other. We’ve lost empathy, we need to stamp out issues such as child poverty, homelessness and military arms spending.”


Jeremy harris stands next to Ryan Honschooten at his radio station
Ryan interviewed Jeremy on radio

The ‘Shout Down the Silence’ video has already had more than 3,000 views online and is receiving global attention.

“If I think back to 1998, I would have never imagine myself in this place now. I suppose everything happens for a reason and winning this music award makes me feel very proud.”

If you’d like to find out more about Jeremy’s work, visit his website (link opens in new window).

We have a music group which meets on a Tuesday lunchtime in our theatrette. All the musicians and singers have limited vision or are blind. To find out more email