School Holiday Program Fun

Two white ice skates on a red background
Image of two white ice skates on a red background

Welcome back to our collection of Stories of Independence. Guest writers are invited to share their own personal experiences, or express their views on the world around them. Below, Chloe Von and Caitlin Hannen-Williams, two clients of VisAbility Children’s Services recalls the excitement and fun they had on the recent July School Holiday Program.

Let’s step into Chloe and Caitlin’s shoes. This is their story.

“On Friday 13, Ryan Honschooten and a few other team members took Caitlin and I (Chloe Von) and a whole bunch of VisAbility holiday-club kids to the Cockburn Ice Arena.

Before we left VisAbility, we had Annabeth from Headspace come and talk to us about bullying and dealing with stress. She used a balloon as an example of our stress and taught us about healthy ways of dealing with stress.

This helped many of us because we can all feel stress in different places, like at home and at school.

After that, we had morning tea, and headed off to the train station to go to the ice rink. Catching the train was helpful for practicing our orientation and mobility skills, because quite a few of us had new mobility skills, like Caitlin for example.

After the train ride, we caught a bus and then arrived at the Cockburn ice rink. When we arrived, we ate lovely burgers for lunch. When we had finished with lunch, we got our skates on and started to skate. Some of us were very experienced with ice skating but for others it was a learning experience.

On the way back to VisAbility, our bus broke down! And for many of us, it was the first time we had experienced that.  Eventually, the bus restarted again. We ended up arriving at VisAbility only 15 minutes late! New record!

Thanks to all the staff that came along, we all had an absolute blast (even though the bus broke down)!”

Written by Chloe Von and Caitlin Hannen-Williams,
participants on our July School Holiday Program.

To find out more about our Holiday Program, including upcoming dates and activities, please contact us on 1800 847 466.