VisAbility’s Perron Centre for Sale

In late 2016, VisAbility’s Board decided to sell the Perron Centre in Victoria Park and informed its members at that time. The process of preparing the building for sale has been a long one and the building has been listed for sale this week.

This decision has been made based on our vision for the future. A future where VisAbility has the opportunity to maintain and grow its meaningful role in communities for another 100 years, and beyond. A future where we can deliver on our vision for independence and ensure no-one slips through the cracks.

The Perron Centre was built in 2007 and has been a wonderful building for clients, staff, and the community. However, the centre was built when the way VisAbility was funded was very different.

The introduction of the NDIS has changed the way we deliver services. The new model created under the NDIS favours agile, decentralised service providers who are embedded in multiple communities. Most of our services are now provided in people’s homes and local communities.

We are excited to be working toward the most efficient, flexible service delivery mode possible in this new economic environment. A service delivery model that lets VisAbility thrive in this new fee for service world.

VisAbility plans to continue to have a base in a central location to deliver services such as the Community Activity Centre and Playgroup. There is a possibility that this may be through a “lease back” where we can continue to use part of the Perron Centre once it is purchased. Alternatively, we may use another of VisAbility’s Victoria Park premises such as Sunbury Road or Duncan St (both adjacent to the Perron Centre).

We will keep clients and their families informed well ahead of any changes. During the sale process we will ensure that the best interests of our clients and members are strongly considered, and we will remain transparent every step of the way.

While VisAbility is saddened to say goodbye to the Perron Centre, which has been our home for many years, we are excited by the opportunities it creates for the future of VisAbility and people with disability.

– Dr Clare Allen, Chief Executive Officer

Sale of the Perron Centre FAQs

Why is VisAbility selling the Perron Centre?

We are seeking expressions of interest for the Perron Centre so that we can afford to provide a better service for our clients. To do this we need to decentralise, embed ourselves in multiple communities around Western Australia, and ensure our operations are as efficient and effective as possible.

When will this happen?

The property has been listed for sale in February 2018. In the current commercial property market, it is likely that this transaction will take a considerable period of time to achieve. Accordingly, we don’t expect it to have any short-term impact on our operations or service delivery.

Will VisAbility continue to provide services?

Yes! We will be embedding ourselves in communities around Western Australia and creating multiple places where we can deliver services from, including Victoria Park. We have new Hubs recently opened in Joondalup and Midland, in addition to our regional offices in Mandurah, Bunbury, Albany and Geraldton.

What will happen to the community VisAbility has created?

The VisAbility community will continue to thrive. We will still have places where clients and volunteers can meet people and participate in activities. There will just be more of them and they will be closer to where clients live.

Where can I go to find out more information?

Information on the sale of the building and any changes to the location of services will be posted on our website, social media and in client and member communications. You can also speak to our staff about these changes by contacting us.