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To join the Consulation Contact Register please complete our Online Registration Form or contact us to request a written registration form.

The Consultation Contact Register is a consultation group that people can choose to participate in. The purpose of the Register is to provide a pathway for us to connect with people who are interested in having a say, getting involved in consultations and in contributing their feedback.

When VisAbility learns about consultation opportunities or wants to seek feedback from clients on a matter, we will refer to the Register and contact people who have identified an interest in that particular matter. This will help us to know who wants to be involved and will minimise situations of us contacting a wider range of people who may have no interest in that particular topic.

Interested people can provide their contact details and select the topics that are of particular interest to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about my privacy?

VisAbility will only use people’s details for the purpose outlined above. We will not pass on your contact details or information to any third party and only staff will have access to the Register.

What if I get contacted but don’t want to get involved on that occasion?

There is absolutely no obligation for you to get involved in any consultation or feedback opportunity. You can feel free to get involved or to decline. We only wish to make opportunities available to you.

If I decline to get involved, will I get contacted again?

Absolutely. If another consultation or feedback opportunity arises, we will refer back to the Register and contact anyone who has indicated an interest in that topic.

Can I change or update my information?

Yes. The registration forms have an ‘Update my details’ box that you can select. By selecting this box, all of the information you submit will replace your previous information.

How often will I hear from VisAbility?

It depends on what consultation or feedback opportunities are happening as to how often you will be contacted. Contact is likely to be ‘occasional’ at the most, as you will only be informed of opportunities in your key interest areas.

Can I deregister if I am no longer interested in being on the Register?

Absolutely. Again, participation is voluntary and you can contact us at any time by phone or mail to remove your details from the Register.

What if I speak another language?

If English is not your preferred language, we invite you or a family member/friend to contact us and advise us of your interest in the Register and your language. We will provide this information to you in your language and will ensure that appropriate translation or interpretation support is provided to you for any consultation or feedback opportunities.

If you have any questions about the Consultation Contact Register or if you would like a Registration form to be sent to you, please contact us.