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Information about coronavirus and our services

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Friends of VisAbility are people from the community with an interest in supporting VisAbility’s mission and purpose.

Who can become a Friend of VisAbility?

Friends of VisAbility should:

  • be individuals aged 18 and over
  • pay the applicable fees and
  • agree to abide by the responsibilities.

What will I receive?

Each Friend of VisAbility:

  • will receive regular service related information via electronic newsletter
  • will receive up to 10% discount on selected products in the VisAbility Shop
  • will receive 10% discount on Aids for Daily Living products
  • may enjoy networking opportunities
  • may enjoy any partner discounts offered.

Fees and subscription

Management determines the Friends of VisAbility fee(s), the payment method and the date due. Friends of VisAbility fees are set for a financial year; no pro-rata payment provisions apply. Friends of VisAbility fees may be paid by cheque, money order, credit card or by cash if paying in person at the Perron Centre.

Applying to become a Friend of VisAbility

To apply to become a Friend of VisAbility, please download the application form:

Friend of VisAbility Application Form Standard Print (doc, 84kb)
Friend of VisAbility Application Form Large Print (doc, 77kb)

and return to or PO Box 101, Victoria Park WA 6979.

Friends of VisAbility responsibilities

Each Friend of VisAbility must undertake to support VisAbility and promote its values, purpose and mission.

Application and approval

An applicant will become a Friend upon submission of a completed and approved application form and payment of fee. Management may decline Friends of VisAbility application at its absolute discretion. Unsuccessful Friends of VisAbility applicants will be informed in writing.

Disqualification or renewal refusal

The CEO may disqualify a person’s continuation within or refuse a person’s renewal for the Friend of VisAbility Program if that person has, to the knowledge of the organisation:

  • failed to comply with his/her Friends of VisAbility responsibilities
  • behaved in a manner which does not support or enable the objects of VisAbility to be achieved
    not acted for and on behalf of the interests of VisAbility
  • not acted in good faith and loyalty to maintain and enhance VisAbility; its standards, quality and reputation for the collective and mutual benefit of its stakeholders
  • not continuously operated and promoted mutual trust and confidence between VisAbility and its stakeholders, promoting their economic success, strength and stability
  • behaved in a manner causing VisAbility staff, clients or other stakeholders to feel threatened, intimidated or at risk.

Should this occur, the person would be informed in writing.