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Information about coronavirus and our services

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We help people discover new things.

Being vision impaired is not the end of the world. Since attending VisAbility a new world has opened for us. EVERYONE is so kind and helpful all the way along the line. I thought I had given up knitting but VisAbility has brought it out again… It’s a miracle. – From a client.

We allow people to travel in their armchairs.

Thank you so much for the box of audio books – it felt like Christmas morning when Cheryl and I opened the parcel. We will definitely be making good use of your kind donation which is very much appreciated.
– From a community partner.

We build confidence, and grit.

Since becoming more low vision and making contact with VisAbility I have nothing but praise for them. Everyone I have met has been so helpful in rebuilding my self-confidence so that I now feel that I can contribute to life again.  – From a client.

We enable independence.

I really enjoy working in my industry, and I love interacting with people. I definitely feel more independent now that I’ve secured employment through the On 2 Employment Program. – From a client.

We change perspectives.

Meeting colleagues, clients and volunteers who are living with disabilities made me realise that every single one of us, no matter what our abilities or disabilities, can make a meaningful contribution to our community.’
– From an employee.

We give people tools to build relationships.

Annabelle used to hang around with adults more than with her peers. With improvements in her speech and language she is now more confident communicating with people her own age. – From a client’s mother.

We create space for compassion, and empathy.

I remember meeting a lady at a picnic when my son was about 18 months old. She could see I was wasn’t able to join the group as my son was distressed by all the unfamiliar voices. She took him for a walk so I could meet the other parents, and told me her daughter used to be the same. She assured me things would get better, and she was right. I still remember her kindness and how much those words of encouragement meant to me.
– From a client’s mother.

We inspire. And are inspired.

What inspires me most in life are the acts of people rather than the people themselves. Acts of bravery, courage and resilience are the foundations of all the stories I loved as a child and I find great inspiration in those real life stories that display these qualities. – From a client/volunteer.