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Further information on membership is available in VisAbility’s Constitution.

Who can become a member?

VisAbility Members should fall into one of the following categories:

  • natural persons who are blind or vision impaired
  • family members of natural persons who are blind or vision impaired
  • individuals with specialist knowledge in the field of blindness or vision impairment
  • other interested natural persons
  • such other category of Member as may be created by the Board.

Member responsibilities

Each Member will:

  • do all things necessary to enable the Objects of VisAbility to be achieved
  • effectively promulgate and enforce the Constitution and Policies of the Company
  • at all times act for and on behalf of the interest of the Company and Members
  • be bound by the Constitution and the Policies
  • act in good faith and loyalty to maintain and enhance the Company, its standards, quality and reputation for collective and mutual benefit of the Members
  • at all times operate with and promote mutual trust and confidence between the Company and the Members, promoting the economic success, strength and stability of each other and work co-operatively with each other in the pursuit of the Objectives.

Membership application and approval

The Board may decline an application for membership at its absolute discretion. No right of appeal shall arise because of a decision of the Board to decline an application for membership.

Unsuccessful Member applicants will be informed in writing.

Membership fees and subscription

Directors determine whether there will be a Membership Fee and, if so, the amount of the annual subscription, the payment method and the date due.

VisAbility Membership Fees are set for a financial year; no pro-rata payment provisions apply.

Members may pay by cheque, money order, credit card or by cash if paying in person at the Perron Centre.

Membership entitlements

Each Member:

  • may exercise one (1) vote (refer Constitution clause 12.1 b)
  • will receive notices of Annual and other General Meetings (refer Constitution clause 10.3)
  • may attend Annual and other General Meetings
  • may appoint a proxy to attend Annual and other General Meetings in his/her place (refer Constitution clause 10.11)
  • may appoint an attorney to act on his/her behalf at all or any of VisAbility’s Membership meetings (refer Constitution clause 10.13)
  • may nominate a Member for an elected Director Position
  • will receive a copy of VisAbility’s annual profit and loss account, balance sheet and auditors report (refer Constitution clause 19.1)
  • may inspect, free of charge, VisAbility’s minute books of a company at its registered office address or principal place of business; and receive a copy (for which there may be a charge).
  • will receive a copy of the Constitution on written request
  • may receive invitations to special VisAbility Member events
  • will receive corporate information via a regular, member-exclusive newsletter in nominated preferred format
  • will receive regular service related information via electronic newsletter.

Applying to become a member

To apply to become a member please download the:

and return to or PO Box 101, Victoria Park WA 6979.