Meet our Client Experience Team – support for people with no or low vision

Client Experience Team stand in the Perron Place gardenIf you live with blindness or low vision and are a VisAbility client, there’s a strong chance that you’ll have spoken to the Client Experience Team (CET).

They provide support for people with vision impairment as they move through their services journey.

The Client Experience Team exists to help you. It supports people with ongoing vision loss and also individuals who are newly-diagnosed to navigate and connect with the services and supports they need.

It’s a service provided by experienced, professional staff offering guidance on therapies, services, and funding options available to you.

If you’ve just had a diagnosis, it can be difficult to know where to start and who to contact. There are so many different things to consider. Getting the right help at the right time is crucial to remaining independent.

“We’re your first contact  whenever you are seeking information, services or general guidance. We can work out what you may need to assist you on your future journey.”

Lauren – Team Leader CET

CET’s collective experience of living with or working with people with low vision means they can suggest the right supports, therapies or services, regardless of the stage of your journey.

The Client Experience Team is staffed by qualified allied health practitioners from various disciplines. They can answer your queries, whether you’ve come through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (link opens in new window) (NDIS), My Aged Care or via a Home Care Package (link opens in new window) (HCP).

Let’s introduce everyone so you can find out more how we’re offering support for people who are blind or have no vision.

Lauren from the Client Experience TeamTeam leader – Lauren

Lauren has a degree in Social Support (Psychology and Sociology) from Swinbourne University in Melbourne. She’s been with VisAbility for four years.

Lauren joined us when the State Government announced the transition to the NDIS. The NDIS is an independent statutory agency providing individualised support for people with disabilities, their families, and carers.


Joseph from the Client Experience TeamJosef 

Josef has a degree in Psychology and an interest in clinical psychology. Josef’s mother had an acquired brain injury, and because of this, he became more aware of the needs of others.

“To know that you have helped someone to meet their goals when they are at the lowest of the low is satisfying and rewarding.”


Filomina from the Client Experience TeamFilomina

Filomina has a degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri in North America. She also has a diploma in Counselling.

“Losing your sight is life-changing and is a massive transition. I’m there to explain as simply as possible about the support available so people can make informed choices. I will listen and provide guidance.”


Vyanjana from the Client Experience TeamVyanjana 

Vyanjana has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Curtin University. A people person and a good communicator, she offers guidance in many ways,

“This is a multi-disciplinary role. No two days are ever the same with clients having different needs and funding coming from different bodies.

I have had clients express their deep gratitude for my support over the phone and their appreciation is so heartening.”

Lisa from the Client Experience TeamLisa

Lisa has a degree in Occupational Therapy and has been a practising OT for many years. She understands the needs of people living with blindness or vision impairment, and can offer solutions to improve someone’s ability to perform daily living activities.

“Occupational therapy encompasses many areas because there are lots of different elements to help individuals achieve everyday tasks.”


Dianne from the Client Experience TeamDianne

Diane offers administrative support and has been with VisAbility for many years. She knows the organisation and the clients well. As well as providing general clerical client support, she is also knowledgeable about assistive technology for low vision and grant funding.

“The Client Experience Team is a team that solves problems – that’s the best way to describe ourselves. We’re here for you and to make your life easier.”


Marija from the Client Experience TeamMarija

Marija is one of the longest-serving staff members at VisAbility, clocking up 23 years. A qualified social worker, she has lived experience of vision loss. Consequently, she can easily relate to the struggles clients face.

“I couldn’t imagine being somewhere else because I know that every hour of every day while working, I am making a difference. Losing your sight can be emotionally overwhelming. I’m here to support people emotionally and direct them to services.”

Do you want to know more about how VisAbility can provide support if you live with vision impairment or low vision? We understand the frustrations of navigating through funding plans and assessing what services are best suited to you. We answered some common questions that may be on your mind. If you would like to contact the Client Experience Team, please complete the form below:

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