Enjoy fitness fun with Fliss during the school holidays

Image shows Felicity holding a large green fitness ball under her arm.Want to keep your children active and engaged during the school holidays? We have some fun fitness classes to keep them moving and motivated. Our Exercise Physiologist Felicity Austin has devised the sessions to keep your youngsters energised.

Classes cater for different age ranges to help children and young people with their movement skills. These programs will keep them busy and help limit their screen time.

Your child or teenage will learn and experience new skills in a supportive environment. At the same time they’ll reap health benefits resulting from participation in regular physical activity.

Group Fitness Classes Juniors (age 2 – 5)

Monday 28/29/30 September and 5/6/7 October

Handa Hall, VisAbility : 09.30-10.30am

This program is ideal for children who need extra help developing their movement skills. It includes activities such as hopping, running, catching throwing and balancing. They’re all taught in a fun and engaging way.

Fitness Circuit Classes Intermediates (age 6 -12 )

Monday 28/29/30 September and 5/6/7 October

Exercise Clinic, VisAbility: 14.30-15.30pm

This class is for children with motor difficulties in order to help them develop motor skills and physical fitness. The program will make children more aware of the enjoyment of community sport.

Fitness Circuit Classes Seniors (age 12 plus)

Monday 28/29/30 September and 5/6/7 October

Exercise Clinic, VisAbility : 16.00-17.00pm

This introduces an element of strength and conditioning in order to improve muscular strength. It will lead to improved function and better resistance.

Regular physical exercise can help your child or teen to improve focus and attention, keeping them more energised. It also boosts your child’s immune system and develops strong muscles and good posture. Why not sign up for some fitness fun today? Use the jot form here.

All the above sessions are available through funding from an NDIS (link opens in new window) plan. Each sessions costs $55.66.

If you’d like your child or teenager to participate, view School Holiday Program page.