VisAbility building to be transformed into community hub

Image of people chatting with each other in front of the Perron Community Centre
The Perron Community Centre in Victoria Park will offer a range of activities for people of all ages

Imagine a community hub which provides endless activities and services to thousands of people. Think of a public space bringing together groups and people from different backgrounds and abilities, all mixing and socialising with each other.

Perron Community Centre

VisAbility is proud to share news about the Perron Community Centre (link opens in new window) which will provide just that! Taking shape over the coming months, it will transform the provision of what’s available in Victoria Park. On offer will be community and cultural events, education, sports and recreational facilities for everyone, all under one roof. There will also be the facility to hire out space and boardrooms for corporate events.

The VisAbility building is highly accessible and is inclusive to all, so we are maximising its potential. It’s in a great location, within 200 metres of Victoria Park train station. Just ten years old, the Perron Community Centre takes its name from Dr LS Stan Perron who was a lifelong supporter of VisAbility, formerly The Association for the Blind.

The Perron Community Centre is a purpose-built venue for everyone, with or without disability. It has plenty of onsite parking, incorporates a gym and indoor sports court so anyone can enjoy a broad range of activities.

It also houses a 120 seated theatrette, a board room and conference rooms as well as a commercial kitchen. The centre is a fully accessible and inclusive building with tactile ground surface indicators. It’s conveniently located within two hundred metres of Victoria Park train station.

Creating a vision for future potential

Jodi Lendrum and Jenny Rustean have been employed to manage the Perron Community Centre

VisAbility has employed two new team members, Jodi Lendrum and Jenny Rustean who will be overseeing and managing the project. Both have recently arrived from the Loftus Community Centre in Leederville and come armed with extensive experience.

“There were simply hundreds of activities at the Loftus Community Centre. Table tennis sessions were hugely popular and so we held many throughout the week for different ages and levels,” explains Jodi Lendrum, Program Manager.

“Some of our table tennis enthusiasts were highly competitive and the rooms were just buzzing and the atmosphere was great,” she adds.

“We’d like to emulate that success here, so that we can embrace community connections which will enhance the enjoyment and well-being of others,” adds Jodi.

In February, VisAbility welcomed delegates to the the annual three-day OZeWAI (link opens in new window) Conference which is a big access event. Business Development leader for the WordWide Web Consortium is Karen Myers who travelled from Massachusetts, America for the event.

“It’s my first time to Perth and VisAbility and the building is in a perfect location. It’s right next to the train station in a beautiful leafy suburb. The theatrette was perfect for our needs because it’s inclusive and can accommodate wheelchairs.”

Zel Iscel is seated with sound man adjusting a boom microphone above her head.
The VisAbility Theatrette is a great inclusive space for conferences and screening films

The VisAbility Theatrette has been extensively used in the past for audio described films, functions and even filming for our ‘Visionaries’ series.

On the road to revitalisation

The newly established Perron Community Centre should be fully operational by the spring.

School holiday programs will encourage children to learn new skills and activities. Crafts and activities such as table tennis and Marjong will be available. An onsite cafe will provide a great place for people to meet over lunch,” says Jenny Rustean, Support Officer.

If you’d like to establish a group or hire out a room, visit the Perron Place website (link opens in new window).