Welcome Davinia, Clinical Psychologist

Davinia wearing a blue shirtVisAbility is delighted to welcome Davinia Lefroy, clinical psychologist, to our team of specialists in our Children and Youth Services (CaYS). Davinia also provides services to adults who have NDIS funding. She joins our team with a wealth of knowledge, passion and lived experience.

Davinia is legally blind, and has developed an established career for herself, working with government and non-government organisations, and also runs her own private practice. We caught up with Davinia to welcome her to the team, and to hear how she’s found her first few weeks at VisAbility.

Hi Davinia, welcome to VisAbility! Do you want to tell us a little bit about your role?

Hi, thank you! My role at VisAbility is diverse. I spend time liaising with clients (the children in our CaYS area) and their families. I also advise workers in the community, like teachers, about psychological support they can provide children with disability. I work with children to manage their disability or vision loss, and the adjustment to that, their grief, or anxiety that can often occur. Together working with the child’s family, I’ll often help introduce a range of mental health topics and management ideas, to help the child develop confidence and independence.

That’s really meaningful. What is it that motivates you to work as a clinical psychologist?

It is. I am so passionate about helping people with vision loss and disability become independent, productive and well-adjusted members of our community!

Yes, that’s so important to us too. We deeply believe in our vision for independence. Can you tell us a bit about your background, Davinia?

Yes, I grew up in the country with a farming family before moving to Perth and boarding school at 12 years of age. I completed my Masters of Clinical Psychology at Murdoch University, and I am interested in treating trauma and abuse-related issues, disability and issues particularly affecting children and adolescents.

Previously, I’ve worked as a clinical psychologist in the Health Department working with trauma cases, SECCA (an agency specialising in working with people with disabilities), and at Headspace. I also run my own private practice providing clinical psychology support to people with eating disorders and abuse-related issues.

You’ve had an extensive career! When you’re not at work, what do you get up to?

I have a keen interest in sport (particularly rowing), health and well-being in general.

If there is one message you’d give to families at VisAbility, what would it be?

Disability, vision impairment or blindness doesn’t have to be a barrier to you finding your happiness and productivity! I believe that specific skills, adjustment and finding a place in our diverse community will benefit you, the individual and also the community as a whole.

Couldn’t have said it better. Thank you for your time Davinia, and on behalf of VisAbility welcome!

Thank you!

If you would like to learn more about our Clinical Psychology Services for both Children and Youth, or to make an appointment with Davinia, please get in touch with our friendly Gateway staff on 1800 847 466.

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