Welcome new Speech Pathologists

Monique sits in a play area in CAYSVisAbility is thrilled to welcome two new speech pathologists in our Children and Youth Services team, Monique and Julie. We caught up with them to hear a little bit about what brought them to VisAbility, and why they share our vision for independence.

Monique is one of our new speech pathologists. Having graduated from Curtin University, Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Hons) in 2017, her interests include early and school age language development and paediatric feeding. We caught up with Monique to see how she was settling in.

“It’s been a wonderful first couple of months with the CAYS staff, clients and families making me feel very welcome. It’s been great meeting so many of you so far and I look forward to meeting more people at the holiday programs and camps.”

Why do you love being a speech pathologist?

“I love being a speech pathologist because it allows me to make a meaningful impact in that person’s life by helping them communicate more effectively or eat and drink safely.”

What’s an exciting new part of your role?

Besides seeing clients, I am also the project officer for the How I Learn project. This project involves the creation of an electronic resource for students with a disability to communicate their unique learning needs to their teacher. It’s a really exciting project that has the potential to make a huge impact on the lives of many children and their families. Please keep an eye out for more information and how you can give us your input into the resource.

Welcome Monique!

Julie sits in play area in CAYSJulie is the other of our new speech pathologists. After completing her Master of Speech Pathology at Curtin University, Julie went on to work in the disability sector.

Her interests lie in delivering speech pathology services to clients with complex communication needs and swallowing difficulties, and she has skills and experience in working with paediatric clients, and adults in the residential group home setting.

We asked Julie, what was it that makes her so passionate about speech pathology?

“Having previously been a Registered Nurse, I deeply understand the role we all play in improving the quality of life of the children, youth and families at VisAbility. I’m so passionate about advocating and supporting individuals to achieve their goals and exploring alternative ways of communication and accessibility so that they can continue on their journey to independence.”

Welcome Julie!

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