You’re invited to a tactile art exhibition in Perth

VisAbility's Braille Officer Leone Carroll and Art Therapist Robyn Laycock were involved in the exhibitionPerth’s first ever tactile art exhibition has opened in the heart of the city, in a new gallery. It’s the brainchild of Kamile Burinskaite, an art enthusiast, who also once trained to be a nurse.

The debut art exhibition at the Kamile Gallery contains sand and texture paintings by artist Nigel Laxton (link opens in new window). Titled ‘Aggregate’ it’s ideal for people with vision impairment as some of the paintings on display can be touched and explored. The artwork on display is also for sale.

The grandeur of sand

The experience of touch is something many galleries don’t encourage, but Kamile says she wants her exhibits to be as inclusive as possible.

I want everyone to appreciate the art. An inclusive gallery isn’t just about wheelchair access, I am talking about exhibits and artwork which you can run your hands over, feel and get a better understanding of the textures

Kamile Burinskaite

It’s an area she’s so passionate about she has enlisted the help of VisAbility – Accessible Information Team to create some Braille business cards. Braille Officer Leone Carroll was happy to offer her guidance to make her cards Braille tactile.

Private tour for International White Cane Day

The man behind the paintings is Nigel Laxton. Nigel was once a material scientist, but his passion is now art and he has a studio in Perth. It’s through this studio that he met VisAbility Art Therapist Robyn Laycock.

Robyn works in our Community Activity Centre and was able to give Nigel valuable feedback and insights into the textures of the paintings which would appeal to people with low vision.

The exhibition is now open and runs until the 30th October. We are staging a private viewing to coincide with International White Cane Day followed by a hands-on talk and workshop.

Braille Officer Leone Carroll with Kamille and red painting in backgroundInternational White Cane Day Walk and event

Date: Saturday 10 October 2020

Time: 09.30am

Meeting point: Entrance to the Elizabeth Quay Train Station

Order of events: 10:00am Walk from train station to Kamile Gallery at 3 Pier Street which is circa 650 metres. Enjoy a private viewing, followed by a talk about the background to the exhibit, then a hands-on workshop.

Departure: 11:30am to nearby cafe for lunch.

Nigel’s contemporary art

During the workshop Nigel will explain the process behind these paintings. From collecting sand on the beach to the paint and adhesive he uses, to make them so appealing.

“I don’t give many of my paintings names as I don’t want to suggest to someone what it’s about. That’s for them to decide.’’

As well as sand collected from Heathcote Beach, Nigel also uses screwed up paper towels so he can achieve the textures and finishes he so desires.

Both Nigel and Kamile agree that Perth needs a permanent art gallery. The Kamile Gallery is in the entranceway to the Anglican Diocese of Perth. The contemporary building is designed by award-winning architects Kerry Hill.

“I’m from Lithuania originally but I’ve travelled a lot and visited many art exhibitions. New York, London – all the big cities have permanent galleries. However, Perth is lacking in this area so I want to showcase West Australian talent,’’ Kamile explains.

Our Community Activity Centre which offers group programs, is also a place for people to explore their creative side. Contact us if you’d like more information.