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We provide planning and assessment and ongoing support every step of the way. Gateway Liaison Officers work with family members, employers, Local Area Coordinators and other agencies to ensure you receive individualised services that meet your needs.

Through Gateway you can:

  • Discuss and establish your needs, priorities and goals
  • Receive assistance with referrals and assessment to access services
  • Develop a support and service plan, where and if needed
  • Be referred to the appropriate supports and services that meet your identified priorities
  • Review how you want to continue managing your plan or accessing the services you need

Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, GPs and other health professionals can also make a referral through Gateway Services.

Assessment & Planning

We will discuss a range of topics with you as part of your assessment and planning, including:

  • Support you require for everyday activities
  • Areas you would like to build on
  • Your strengths and goals
  • The support you need to progress toward these goals

You can review your progress toward achieving your agreed goals with Gateway Liaison Officers, your family or carers after six and twelve months.


Anyone with vision loss that can’t be corrected by glasses or contact lenses can access our services. We also provide services to people with selected disabilities or conditions through initiatives such as the My Aged Care, NDIS and Better Start programs. If you’re unsure whether you qualify for our services, please contact us.

Regional Services

We provide services throughout Western Australia and Tasmania. We also use the latest technologies to stay in touch with you wherever you may live.

Receiving Services

Once you have completed your assessment and planning, you can start to receive services according to your priorities and needs. A support and service plan outlines priorities, goals, strategies and time frames. This is used to guide how we assist you to achieve your goals.

We work together with you and other key people to monitor outcomes such as:

  • Wellbeing
  • Independence
  • Social life and relationships
  • Matters that affect how you want to live your life now and into the future.

After you have received your service you may decide that your specific needs have been met, or find that your goals and needs have changed and you require further access to services.

Our service delivery model is guided by our customer service charter, and the following service principles:

  • Consumer-centred practices
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Innovation
  • Technology

Service Funding

Some of our services are partially or fully funded by the government, which allows us to provide them at no cost. Services are also available under a fee for service arrangement.

Our services are generously supported through funding from:

  • WA Department of Health – Home and Community Care
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • Department of Social Services
  • State Library of WA
  • Disability Services Commission
  • National Disability Insurance Agency