Disability Employment Services

There can be many barriers to employment if you live with vision impairment or disability. As NDIS registered providers of employment supports, we aim to break down these barriers by providing:

  • Job seekers with one to one support to give you the training and skills to secure employment and build your career.
  • Employers with free advice, support and access to grants and funding to help create a fully inclusive workplace.

We have partnered with one of Australia’s leading Disability Employment Service (DES) Providers, CoAct.

We operate much like an employment agency; we work with disability confident employers to offer employment for people with sensory disabilities.

Sensory disabilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Blindness and vision impairment
  • Hearing loss*
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

* We have an AUSLAN certified team member

For Job Seekers

We aim to help you find a job and will provide onsite and offsite support for you to maintain it for 12 months and beyond.

We work with people of all ages, but with a particular focus on providing:

  • School leaver employment supports for 17-25 year olds
  • Employment for people with disability aged 45 or older
  • Support for self-employed opportunities

What support do we provide to find a job?

We will arrange an initial consultation to better understand your:

  • Barriers, individual needs and challenges.
  • Strengths or weaknesses.
  • Career interests or particular job goals.

… And create a tailored job search support plan which includes:

  • Practical training and workshops such as resume writing, interview tips and communication etc.
  • Matching you to opportunities with positive about disability employers who are a good match for your skills.

What happens after you start your new career?

Once you have found employment, support does not stop after your first day of a new job – you will continue to receive onsite and offsite support for up to 12 months including:

  • Workplace modifications where required
  • Regular, weekly check-ins

What makes us different to other disability employment agencies?

  • We listen, understand and care
  • AUSLAN certified team member
  • Highly experienced, small, friendly team
  • Dedicated staff member – you only have to tell your story once
  • Tailored plan with clear goals, based on interests, skills etc
  • Support does not stop on the first day of a new job
  • We don’t work with just anybody – we make sure employers are positive with the right attitude
  • We work with employers to make sure the right supports and modifications are in place.

For Employers

We want to help you to create a safe and fully inclusive workplace to provide more employment opportunities for people living with vision impairment or disability. Our services are provided free of charge to employers and are tailored to your specific needs.


We work with you to understand your needs and ensure potential candidates are fully prepared and ready to start work. This could include:

  • Practical workshops and training to ensure job seekers have the right skills.
  • Access to workplace assessments
  • Access to grants and funding for purchase of assistive technology equipment or modifications to a workplace
  • Access to tools and resources


Following employment, we continue to provide support, both onsite and offsite to ensure your needs are met and you are able to maintain the position for 12 months and beyond.

Disability Awareness Training

We can provide access to Disability Awareness training for existing staff and management to help:

  • Staff to be more confident and comfortable working alongside someone with a disability
  • Management to understand their responsibilities under the Discrimination Act (link opens in new window) and develop skills and knowledge further.

Pathway into Employment Workshop 

We run a one day course to assist students with a disability to transition into the world of employment.

The course covers a range of topics including:

  • How to find work and using contacts to source work
  • Interview techniques and skills
  • Support available to help you
  • The role of employment agencies

We are currently accepting expressions of interest from students and schools who may wish to attend.

Educators are welcome to accompany their students. For further information contact wendy.harper-penman@visability.com.au

CoAct B2C Lead Gen
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