A dietitian can provide nutritional advice and support to improve your health and wellbeing and understand health conditions that can co-exist with vision impairment, such as diabetes and how to make healthier food choices.

Dietitians understand how your body works. They know how food and drinks help nourish people who are healthy, as well as people with medical conditions that can be affected by or treated with nutrition.

Our dietitians can:

  • Provide education on an eye healthy diet, shopping for food, eating out and preparing food at home
  • Provide tips on how to review nutritional information if you have a vision impairment and cannot see food labels
  • Identify your dietary focus/needs and develop personalised eating plans that consider medical conditions and personal circumstances
  • Assess and monitor your nutritional intake
  • Work with other team members, such as Speech Pathologists on modified diets or food transitions for young children (such as tube feeding to oral feeding)
  • Work with our Exercise Physiologists to combine exercise with a balanced diet.

Dietitians help treat a wide range of conditions including:

Our dietitians use a holistic approach. They consider your overall health and wellbeing, and any conditions that can impact on your body’s ability to access the nutrients to be healthy.

VisAbility dietitians are Accredited Practicing Dietitians (APDs) and Accredited Nutritionists (AN) and hold membership of the Dietitians Association of Australia (link opens in new window).

Learn more about the work of VisAbility Dietitians, read Food for thought? Rachel dissects dietetics and nutrition or

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If you are a provider and wish to refer a client, please use our low vision medical certificate (online referral form) to make your referral.

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