Orthoptists make assessments of your vision and provide strategies to maximise the use of any remaining vision. Our low vision assessment service can support you whether you have minor vision impairment or significant vision loss

Get support from the Orthoptics Team

Through this service you can:

  • Receive a comprehensive low vision assessment
  • Better understand the functional impact of your eye condition
  • Access optical and low vision aids and learn how to use them to read print at home (such as your mail, the newspaper), or in the community (such as reading menus, identifying bus numbers and street signs)
  • Receive advice on lighting to make better use of your existing sight
  • Acquired Brain Injury vision services assist people with neurological vision impairment to maximise remaining vision to live safely and independently.

Our orthoptists use both standard and functional measures to assess vision. For example, an eye chart to measure distance vision, or observing how a young child uses their vision if they’re unable to let us know what they can see.

Low vision assessments

Our Low Vision Assessment Service is located in Victoria Park, Perth. To receive a low vision assessment, background information from your ophthalmologist or optometrist is needed. This information needs to be less than 12 months old from the date of your assessment.

If you wear glasses, please bring your up-to-date prescription to your assessment.

VisAbility Orthoptists are skilled in working in the field of low vision rehabilitation, which is a speciality area for eye health professionals. Our Orthoptists are accredited with the Orthoptic Board of Australia (link opens in new window).

Regional assessment locations

VisAbility partners with regional optometrists to provide low vision assessment services across Western Australia. Please contact us using the form below to see if this service is available in your local area.

Learn more about a day in the life of VisAbility Orthoptist, Amy.

How to get support

If you have a diagnosis of vision impairment, please contact our friendly team using the form below to find out what low vision services and support we can provide to you both now and into the future.

There are also a number of low vision support groups within Perth and across the state, which can connect you with like-minded people to build friendships and offer support.

If you are a provider and wish to refer a client, please use our low vision medical certificate (online referral form) to make your referral.

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