Vision motivates movement. A child learns to roll, pull to stand, crawl and walk, as they’re motivated to experience their environment – whether that’s moving towards a toy of interest, mum or dad.

Children with low or no vision require support to learn these important early movement skills.

Our physiotherapists use adaptive strategies to support children to learn to move safely and independently. They’ll work with you to develop functional movement skills, such as how to get around safely and independently, and general physical abilities.

Our physiotherapists are skilled in adapting movement-based activities for children and adults with a vision impairment to improve their physical skills.

For children, physiotherapy can help your child to:

  • Enjoy moving and playing
  • Learn early movement skills such as sitting, crawling and walking
  • Develop higher level movement skills such as jumping and running
  • Increase performance and participation in sporting activities
  • Prescribing standing and walking aids
  • Prescribing specialised postural and seating systems such as wheelchairs, alongside occupational therapists

For adults, we can help:

  • Improve strength and balance
  • Develop coordination and fitness for recreation and sport
  • Use equipment to support independent movement, such as a cane or walker.
  • Manage musculoskeletal complications related to vision impairment, such as poor posture from reading too close to a screen or book.

VisAbility’s physiotherapists are registered with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia (link opens in new window).

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