Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a person-centred approach to supporting children with vision impairment in situations where there’s a risk of challenging behaviour.

The primary goal is to increase a person’s quality of life, with a secondary goal of decreasing the frequency and severity of their challenging behaviours.

PBS is about working with your child, family, and important others in their lives to develop a shared understanding of why the child has a need to engage in challenging behaviour. At VisAbility, we take a holistic, person and family-centred approach that looks at all the aspects beyond the behaviour. 

We use a multidisciplinary team approach involving a speech pathologist, occupational therapist and psychologist.

Our VisAbility therapists can:

  • Help your child understand their daily life using clearer ways of communicating with them, such as introducing a picture schedule
  • Change the environment around your child in order to best support their needs, such as reducing high noise levels
  • Improve your child’s lifestyle to include more interesting and enjoyable activities.

Our therapists understand that when a child is engaging in challenging behaviour, they are actually telling us something is wrong or missing. Often, they need our help to make it better.

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