Social Work

Our social workers can support you and your family, carer or friends through consultations in person or telephone.

We can help you with:

  • Managing emotions related to vision loss and grief
  • Information and assistance for key decisions about care and education
  • Advice and assistance with writing applications
  • Advocating your circumstance to Government departments, employment agencies and other organisations
  • Connecting with other supports in your community
  • Supporting your emotional well-being

Carer Wellbeing Seminar Series

This program is offered throughout the year and is for relatives or individuals who are supporting people with vision loss.

It’s facilitated by fully qualified social workers over a three week period with each session lasting three hours in duration.

The aim of this program is to provide you with practical information and will help to:

  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of eye conditions and the ways you can support someone with vision impairment
  • Improve your understanding of the resources, services, income support and concessions that exist
  • Recognise possible impacts on you as a carer and your relationships, helping to develop strategies to promote wellness and self-care

VisAbility social workers are accredited members of the Australian Association of Social Workers.

To find out more about all our social work services, get in touch with us today.