Speech Therapy

Our speech pathologists (also known as speech therapists) promote functional communication skills for everyday activities and routines.

We help support the communication of wants and needs, and to interact with others in daily life.

Our speech pathologists will support you to:

  • Express and understand written and spoken language
  • Support the development of pre-language skills in children (such as turn-taking, development of speech sounds)
  • Improve areas of speech, such as articulation (speaking clearly)
  • Support reading and literacy
  • Improve general communication skills
  • Working closely with our Dietitians, develop mealtime and feeding skills, including providing modified diets to enable safe eating and drinking
  • Liaise with hospital-based speech pathologists on speech and swallowing disorders
  • Work with a family member and/or caregivers to help the person to communicate as best they can
  • Identify any communication aids that may be useful

Very young children or school age children with vision impairment often require support with learning concepts and language, as much of communication is aided by vision (for example, pointing at an aeroplane or bird in the sky).

Our speech pathologists are skilled in ensuring communication systems such as boards or devices and aids meet the individual’s accessibility needs. This may be through increased colour contrast, enlarged images, or reduced visual complexity.

We provide information and resources to support the needs of the client, whether that be yourself, a loved one, or child.

Parent Workshop

Our It Takes Two To Talk parent workshop runs weekly on Wednesday mornings. This program aims to teach you, step-by-step, how to become your child’s most important communication teacher.

VisAbility’s speech pathologists are highly trained and are accredited members of Speech Pathology Australia (link opens in new window).

Find out more about speech pathology in schools, or get in touch with us today.