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Bowled Over

in Latest News, Stories of Independence
athletes in a bowling alley tasmania
Desmond Warner and Marie Ryan at the Devonport Ten Pin Bowling alley for the Masters Games in Tasmania. Photo courtesy Maree Ingram

Ten Pin Bowling team mates Desmond Warner and Marie Ryan don’t let obstacles stand in their way; in fact they bowl right through them. 

The pair flew across the ditch from Adelaide to compete in the 2017 Masters games in Tasmania in Ten Pin Bowling in Devonport. Both legally blind, Desmond has 10% vision and Marie has 5%. The pair use a cane and a guide dog to enable them to do the things they love. Competing against able bodied competitors during the games, and bringing home more bling than an American rapper it was love at first visit of Tasmania.

Marie, now 63, lost her sight when she was ploughed into by a drunk driver when out picking apples with her children 27 years ago. She broke her vertebrae and suffered a bleed on the brain that caused the loss of vision.

“What kind of example would I be if I gave up?” Marie said. “I have to be very proficient with the cane and a Guide Dog enables me to participate in life. I love turning the cards on ignorance”.

The team at VisAbility in Launceston organised with the bowling alley for yellow tape and paint to mark out the lanes for the duo to be able to compete.

Marie believes that the accident happened for the better.

“I make friends doing a whole lot of sports” she said. “When I am bowling I can’t see the pins so I have a spotter to tell me what pins remain. I work off the dots on the floor, listen for the noise and walk away. I don’t believe in can’t! Sometimes you get a bonus. I want to prove to my grandchildren that there are no limits. See me do it and you can do it”.

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