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Exclusive peek at new $10 note

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Photo of Access and Data Services Analyst David Vosnacos and Dung Nyugen from the Reserve Bank of Australia. They pose holding the new $10 note

On Friday 23 June, the Reserve Bank of Australia treated VisAbility to an exclusive reveal of the new $10 bank note. Set to be released in September, the new notes have improved accessibility and theft-prevention features. A fascinating presentation was given to show VisAbility staff and clients the new note and how to go about identifying the notes from their previous designs. The $10 note is the second banknote in two years to be updated. The newly updated $5 note was released late last year. The update comes as Australia hopes to renew protection efforts against counterfeiting as criminals fast hone their skills. While Australian banknotes are among some of the safest in the world, the Reserve Bank of Australia has all intentions to keep them that way.

First of all, it’s important not to discard your previous bank notes! Did you know that all existing banknotes no matter their age (yes, even the old paper ones) are valid currency? While the RBA don’t suggest you take them to your local supermarket to use, they can be exchanged for new currency at any bank. To stay up to date, here are all the security features on the new $10 bank note set to be released in September. They include:

  • A top to bottom clear window which includes multiple security features
  • A 3-D image of a pen nib that is visible on the banknote as its tilted back and forth
  • While tilting the banknote, a Cockatoo in the clear window can be seen moving its wings and changing in color
  • A number 10 visible in the homestead will change direction when the banknote is titled
  • A gold area located in the top corner of the note displays a rolling colour effect, where a bar is seen moving up and down the gold. This is visible on both sides of the note.
  • In the small clear window at the bottom of the note a pen nib is visible
  • A big number 10, indicating the denomination of the note has a distinctive texture made by raised, dark printing called Intaglio
  • Under UV Light the banknote displays an image of a Cockatoo
Photo of two new $10 notes showing each side of the design.

In terms of accessibility features, the Reserve Bank of Australia has included a raised braille dot on the top hand corner of the new notes. While the $5 note had one, the $10 has two. The next note to be updated will be the $50 note. This will have four dots. This note will be released into circulation towards the end of next year. It is unclear whether the $20 or $100 note will follow at this early date.

If you would like more information on the security or accessibility features of the new $10 bank note, please visit the Reserve Bank of Australia website: Alternatively you can contact them on 1800 633 220.