Disability employment for school leavers – Marcus lands new role

Are you looking at options for disability employment for school leavers? VisAbility’s CoAct Disability Employment Services team can find you a job when you finish high school education. We offer jobs for people with sensory disabilities whether that’s blindness and vision impairment, hearing loss, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).

Marcus, who maintains a fleet of over seventy vehicles by cleaning them regularly to reflect the high standards of the organisation was placed in the role with the EverAbility Group by the VisAbility CoAct team.

School leavers or young adults who live with a disability often worry about barriers to securing lasting work. A dedicated Disability Employment Service will support you to find the right job, listen to your needs to find you a role that aligns with you.

We knew that Marcus got a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment from washing cars because VisAbility CoAct had already supported him in a work experience role doing the same thing.

“I love it because it’s physical and gets me out of the house,” Marcus says.


Marcus wearing flourescent top vacuums the floor of the car
Marcus is the new vehicle cleaner keeping our fleet tidy

Ongoing support for first role after school

With this in mind, the team from VisAbility CoAct approached EverAbility Group and negotiated an opportunity for Marcus to undertake paid employment two days a week cleaning the fleet. Marcus was over the moon with this job opportunity. The role is local to his home and provides an avenue to build his skills for future employment.

Marcus receives support in his new job by VisAbility CoAct staff Greg and Lianne, who are assisting him to learn his duties and build his independence. Lianne says that since starting work Marcus has really come out of his shell.

“It’s great to see him so excited at the start of each shift. You can see the look of satisfaction when he finishes each car.”

Lianne – Workforce Partner

The clean cars leave a lasting impression among staff while contributing to a more professional image of an organisation.

Image shows Marcus standing next to CoAct Employment van
The employment opportunity came about following work experience

Studies show benefits of disability employment

Australian Government statistics from 2022 (new window) reveals people with disability have a current employment rate of 48%. The statistic compares to 80% without a disability.

However, studies show that people with disabilities may bring unique perspectives and experiences to a workplace, including problem-solving skills. The diversity can enhance innovation and creativity.  Other research reveals that often employees with disabilities have a higher job performance, leading to higher productivity.

Research by the University of Melbourne (new window) show employing individuals with disabilities is also cost effective.

Financial assistance is available to employers for any workplace modifications required by hiring someone with a disability.

The role we found for Marcus represents his first step into the world of paid employment post-secondary education. Marcus has Oculomotor Apraxia (new window) and Dyspraxia, but this does not slow him down in his approach to work. We look forward to seeing Marcus excel in his role as he builds on his skills and independence.

Securing disability employment for school leavers doesn’t have to be challenging. Engage with support from a trusted Disability Employment Services to help you secure a role. VisAbility’s CoAct DES has a five star disability employment service rating that makes us one of the best in WA.

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