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Building strength after a stroke with exercise physiology

in Be Empowered, Latest News, Stories of Independence

Do you know about our Exercise Physiology service we offer at VisAbility?

One client who’s a regular to our Exercise Clinic is John Griffiths or ‘Griffo’ as he likes to be called.

Kane Perris, VisAbility Therapy Assistant has designed a special program for him to improve his muscle mass for better movement and function and John is reaping great results.

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Eyeing up improvements for vision care in Africa

in Latest News, Our Team's Vision

We are fortunate enough to live in a developed country which offers excellent support services to people with vision loss.

But what about people living in countries which are underdeveloped such as Botswana?

VisAbility is proud to offer some mentoring advice to the Botswana Association for the Blind and Partially Sighted which has strengthened the organisation. Andrew Lyons, our Partnership and Development Manager has been explaining how this came about.

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Addressing fashion, style and make-up with vision loss

in Be Empowered, Latest News, Our Team's Vision

Do you have your own personal style? It was a question asked to our vision impaired clients who attended our ‘Look Good, Feel Confident’ series of workshops. The group program consisted of three sessions, developed and facilitated by one of our qualified occupational therapists, Rebecca Comber-Short. Aspects covered included wardrobe management, make-up and grooming, and…

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