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Pilbara NDIS trial site welcomes VisAbility’s latest OT

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VisAbility’s NDIS Therapist Marichu, pictured, in her town of Karratha

As the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rolls out across the country, VisAbility is at the forefront of ensuring a smooth transition for our clients and communities. Excitingly, VisAbility can now announce the appointment of NDIS Therapist Marichu in the Pilbara area. With the Pilbara NDIS Trial Site only recently activated on July 1, Marichu was quickly identified as prime candidate for the regional VisAbility team with her passion for providing exceptional Occupational Therapy. We caught up with Marichu to talk all things NDIS-related and welcome her to the VisAbility family!

Welcome Marichu, it’s wonderful to have you join us! Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Thank you! I am a wife and mother of two children, and I currently reside here in Karratha. I am Filipino by origin, moving to Australia back in 2006. I came to study Occupational Therapy at Curtin University after I fell in love with the profession after coming from a Physiotherapy background. Until now I’ve worked in the aged care industry for seven years!

How did you come to join the VisAbility family?

I love working in the health industry, as much as I love my food and fishing! I am very passionate about providing people with the opportunity to have a good quality of life – based on what is important, meaningful and enjoyable to them!

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work for the VisAbility family, right here in the Pilbara. I believe that we can give the community access to specialised therapy services in the comfort of their own town.

What’s an important part of your role?

I assist people living with a disability in maintaining their independence at home, encouraging their leisure and community connection and the ability to access their services. We can empower you through new skills, trying alternative strategies or helping you find equipment that will support your mobility and independence. I believe as an OT, it is vital to work in collaboration with my client, their family or any other stakeholders too in order to understand fully their unique needs and personal goals.

Being a community member and working in your profession, what do you see as some of the challenges people with disability in the Pilbara face?

Accessing specialised therapy services, and assistive aids and technology in the comfort of their own homes, all in a short time frame. That’s definitely a challenge. It’s the result of limited therapy services and high caseloads handled by fewer therapists. There is also great diversity in this multicultural community and each group has important needs and wishes to be considered. The Pilbara is often seen as geographically isolated, and there are often limited resources available. However I believe we have a real ability to change this and provide the very best care and services to the wonderful community here.

Marichu stands outside near the Dampier Port, Karratha

That’s fantastic! Do you have any goals as NDIS Therapist for the Pilbara community now that you’ve started work?

I want to provide a strong foundation for VisAbility services right here in the Pilbara. I know our community can and will benefit from the wonderful services that we can provide, and I am excited to have lots of great minds assisting me from the Perth office! I want to build a community that sees our services grow and flourish and where one another can recommend our services to those who need them. In the short term, I want to cut back worries and waiting times, so that community members can receive high quality therapy services when they want them. I’m so excited to connect and collaborate with the special remote community I call my home, and increase my understanding of how to best assist the people who live here.

Welcome again to the VisAbility family, Marichu! We look forward to seeing you undertake invaluable and rewarding work in the NDIS Pilbara site!

Are you ready to change your life? If you’re living in an NDIS area, contact our NDIS Planning and Support Team on or call us on 08 9311 8205.