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Think about your Career Aspirations

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Are you young and beginning to wonder about your future? Do you have aspirations of being independent and working soon? VisAbility’s Career Development Practitioner, Marion Haas gives us a final insight into the important aspects of finding a job; happiness and passion.

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“Work is so much more than earning money. As a Career Development Practitioner, I have seen countless times that if you choose the right industry, and you show passion for your work, you will enjoy it on a daily basis. As part of the Ready 4 Work program here at VisAbility, I encouraged young people looking for career pathways to focus on seeking happiness, and not to be driven by a higher pay as you may not like the work. Happiness in the workplace counts for a lot and will lift your spirit, affect your performance and health and ultimately you will be rewarded in many ways for doing a good job.

  1. Where do you start? Well, you need to put the effort in. Find out what you like, and be realistic with your goals. You do not start as a Company Director. We all have to climb up that ladder, learn by gaining experiences in many roles and demonstrate a positive attitude. Keep learning!
  2. Talk to your peers, your neighbours, your teachers, your parents/guardians, your family members, your mates you play sport with etc.
  3. You need to have a good resume in place. Make sure you prepare well for an interview. Be on time, dress appropriately, research the company (website) and know what the job requirements are. Most of all smile and is positive.
  4. It may take many attempts to get an interview. Unfortunately, good jobs are hard to come by and you will have a lot of competition. Remember, it’s a numbers game: One day your name will be drawn and you will be successful. Be patient and stay focused.

So, this leaves me wishing you all the very best for your future endeavours. Good luck and I’m sure our paths will cross somewhere one day.”

Marion Haas
Career Development Practitioner