The Importance of Posture

Kane Perris, Sports and Recreation Officer, in the VisAbility gym

“Most of us know the importance of posture, it’s effects on our day-to-day life, and the great benefits of having ‘correct’ posture both physically, mentally and emotionally. Yet, most of us still slump back in that office chair and put up with our poor posture impacting on our bodies and lives.

Poor posture can contribute towards reduced health and wellbeing.

The benefits of improved posture include:

  • Regulated energy levels
  • Aligned bones, ligaments and muscles
  • Support for nervous system
  • Protection of organs
  • Perceived self-confidence and social engagement

As a person with vision impairment, I can understand and empathise with the constant battle against poor posture. I regularly heard the phrases ‘stand up straight!’ or ‘stop slouching!’ throughout my teenage years.

However, what these ‘helpful people’ regularly forgot is that having a vision impairment can have a big effect on your posture.

In some cases, posture may not be something you can control or manage without the proper professional intervention in a well-balanced program.

Image of Kane (centre) at school, aged 13. He is very close to his desk and writing.

While at school, I had to spend lots of time at desks close up to any work I was completing. This photo (left) of me in class aged 13, is an example of poor posture due to my vision impairment.

While some may say I needed a tilt board, and in some circumstances this is ideal, it was impractical for me to have to carry it to every class and set it up each time. And this is only one example of my poor postural positions that occurred regularly – either through cooking, reading, writing, eating, or even tying up shoelaces (the list could go on and on!).

As a Sports and Recreation officer at the VisAbility gym, I see many clients in similar situations to me, and facing challenges with their posture. But help is at hand!

As part of the services we offer, you can have a well-balanced and tailored program designed for you to address your posture. I can’t stress the importance of tackling these issues early on. I have helped many clients, and seen great positive results where client’s have felt a reduction in their pain. It is most rewarding!

If you’d like to learn more about the tailored programs we can design for you in the Sports and Recreation Services, contact us.