Our psychologists can assist with concerns around your emotional well-being, behaviour and/or difficulties within your family or home following a diagnosis of vision impairment.

We understand the impact that vision impairment has on social, physical and emotional development in children. We support families raising a young child or school age child with vision impairment.

Our Psychologists are available to monitor the overall development of children with low or no vision, provide support to parents and caregivers, and other therapy team members on promoting child development.

Developmental assessments for children rely heavily on vision (such as pointing to detail in pictures, and activities that involve eye-hand coordination such as catching a ball). Our psychologists are skilled in suitability adapting developmental assessments so that they are accessible and remain valid for children with low or no vision. We provide parents with practical strategies on how to raise a child with low or no vision.

Our psychologists are able to support the emotional wellbeing and mental health of people with vision impairment. They understand the impact of vision impairment on everyday life, and the emotions that people may experience. For example, being unable to obtain a driver’s licence. Our psychologists are skilled in counselling and a variety of tailored therapeutic approaches to support people to overcome challenges associated with living with low or no vision.

Our psychologists are also skilled in supporting people to adjust emotionally, to living with no or low vision.

We help create strategies for both adults and children including:

  • How to identify feelings in themselves and others
  • How to express their feelings in an appropriate way and time
  • How to manage conditions such as anxiety or depression
  • How to cope with adjustment to vision impairment
  • Developmental assessments for children, to gain a comprehensive understanding of a child’s development

VisAbility’s psychologists are registered with the Psychology Board of Australia (link opens in new window).

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