School age

Starting school is challenging for kids with low or no vision. VisAbility offers a suite of support that will evolve with your child and your family’s changing needs. It’s the start of a lifelong journey full of possibilities and opportunities.

Children with vision impairment usually attend their local mainstream school. Some students with vision impairment experience additional disabilities, and they either attend a regular school, or an educational support setting.

Our therapy team provides services to children at all schools, home, and in the community. Where services are provided depends on your child’s goals.

Our services can help your child to:

  • Develop good friendships and connections
  • Enjoy reading and playing games
  • Get involved in sport and leisure
  • Develop coordination and fitness for recreation and sport
  • Express their feelings in an appropriate way and time
  • Develop strategies to manage their emotions in different situations
  • Learn to take care of themselves, including personal hygiene, dressing
  • How to be included in household chores
  • Prepare them to live independently
  • Communicate easily and effectively with others
  • Use equipment and technology to assist in communication with others.

Group Programs

We run a number of group programs each week, which are designed to be fully accessible and inclusive for children living with a vision impairment.

These include:

  • Fitness, Food and Fun – physical activity and healthy living for kids of all ages
  • Look Good, Feel Good for Teens – learn how to put together a great outfit, apply make-up and more.

Learn more about the different Group Programs for children.

Visiting Teachers

Eligible students with vision impairment have access to a Visiting Teacher from the School of Special Educational Needs: Sensory – Vision Education.

The Visiting Teacher service is available to all Western Australian students who meet the vision impairment criteria. Visiting Teachers provide valuable support to students and schools, in particular recommending individual teaching and learning adjustments.

The Department of Education contracts VisAbility to provide orientation and mobility services to students with vision impairment.


Specialist Services

Generalist therapy services

If your child has a disability other than vision impairment, find out more about services through Kites Children’s Therapy, including Kites Toybox and Dog Assisted Therapy.

If your child has Autism Spectrum Disorder, you may be interested in Autism Assistance Dogs provided through Guide Dogs WA.

Find out more about funding options available for your family.